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Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to better use the space around the house? Do you have a problem with the layout of the place of entry? Ideally you've come - the GATEO system guarantees you the best possible solution - it folds the hinged gate's wings to form a harmonious fence gate.

Benefits for you

  • Saving time and money
    To install the folding door with the GATEO system, no construction works are required, which are performed during the assembly of the sliding gate. The folding gate is simply mounted on ordinary steel or brick pillars, which reduces the costs of material purchase and assembly time, without affecting the quality and functionality of the use.
  • Aesthetic appearance
    The folding gate that is part of the fence and provides an effective look of the space around the house.
  • Quality guarantee
    GATEO is made of durable, steel elements subjected to galvanic zinc plating. 24-month manufacturer's warranty, service availability in time and after the end of the warranty period.
  • More space on the property
    Thanks to GATEO, the problem of a small estate, difficult to arrange entrances no longer exists. The wings of a folding door need little space to open.
  • For each gate
    The system can be installed at the gate's production stage, but also at existing gates. GATEO is suitable for almost every door construction, regardless of what it was made of, for example, steel, aluminum or wood.
  • Easy assembly
    GATEO is able to be set up by anyone who has the basic locksmith-assembler skills. The system can operate on a standard drive for swing gates.

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