Are you a fitter of gates and fences? Would you like to expand the range of services that you provide? Get to know the GATEO system and see how you can easily provide your customers with a solution that will give them a new quality of use of the gate.

Folding doors, due to their advantages, are becoming more and more popular and the number of their installations is increasing every year. They are valued for easy assembly and for a number of benefits for your client's share. The GATEO gate system saves space (including costs), functionality, reliability and aesthetic values.

Fast and trouble-free assembly will increase your customer's satisfaction.

Assembling of a folding door with the GATEO system is very simple. If you have basic locksmith-assembler skills, you know how to combine steel and determine the width and weight of gates, you can deal with GATEO without the slightest problem. Basic locksmith tools are sufficient to install the device. Each set contains legible MANUAL.

What is especially important for you, but also for your client - when installing a folding door with the GATEO system, no additional construction works are required, which take place during the installation of a sliding gate (foundation preparation, roll holder, additional post). The folding gate is mounted on ordinary steel or brick pillars, which directly reduces both costs and installation time, without affecting the quality and functionality of use. Due to the split wings, the gate consists of small elements, easy to transport and carry.

GATEO types.

The span of one folding folding door leaf is from 1 m to 7 m. This means that the maximum length of the gate made thanks to GATEO is 14 m. Currently, we offer three models of GATEO systems: GAT 14, GAT 16 and GAT 40, which vary in size and carrying capacity.

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